Dan Alley - Sculpture
There is something unnatural about flawless geometric forms - a perfect sphere, or a sharp point of an angle. While these forms exist in nature they are deliberate and not born from coincidence or interference. They embody a type of uniquely manmade perfection. Thus a contrast is presented in my work between the convergence of idealized forms and the organic reality of their existence. To create this juxtaposition, I intentionally introduce flaws into my creative process. Creating voids in metal, wisps of detritus in glass, or surfaces that falsify the age of an object, are my attempts at illustrating a seemingly perfect object’s descent into decay. Decay with the consolation that beauty persists. Embracing imperfection within an ideal affords me the freedom to push materials in unconventional ways, which satisfies my desire to invent, discover, and explore existing boundaries. While my process is a hybrid of the scientific method and the probing state of my curious mind, my sculptures are an exploration of human understanding, a seeking of the unattainable.