Dan Alley - Sculpture
Written in Light
Wood, incompatible glass, polarizing film
22 in. x 51 in. x 8 in.
The imagery in Written in Light is created by fusing together incompatible types of glass. This generates stress in the glass which bends the light traveling through it. The shifted light is not visible to the naked eye but is made visible when viewed through polarizing film. I have used this phenomenon to present the basic math behind motum as well as its Latin translation. This technique speaks about the motum in two ways: first, the imagery is produced with light, a reference to one of the measurable constants the motum is founded upon. Second, the light is a result of stress introduced into the glass, making it an impermanent and unstable piece of glass; it will break at some unknown point in the future, much like the motum. Failure is an inevitable byproduct of progress.
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